Senior Care Placement Assistance, Care Management and Patient Advocacy

Selecting Appropriate Senior Care Setting

We carefully guide and assist you in your selection of the most appropriate senior care setting to meet your unique needs. Once we help determine your appropriate care needs, our in-depth site visits to potential preferences, research of State and Federal Inspection reports and interviews with potential caregivers, sets the stage for a successful senior care outcome.

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Senior Care Choices

Most people wouldn’t think of purchasing a new home without the guidance and expertise of a qualified Real Estate Agent looking out for their best interests. We provide a similar agent and client relationship to ensure that you find the best senior care options for your love one.

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On-Site Care Supervision and Patient Advocacy

We provide regular, scheduled and unscheduled site visits to the senior care setting selected to assess, supervise and monitor actual care being provided to your love one. Problems discovered during the site visit regarding care quality or not addressing the changing care needs of your love one, will be promptly brought to the attention of caregivers for corrective action.

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Interview Potential Caregivers

Managing and directing senior care services of the highest quality in Northeastern Ohio since 1987, we are expert in interviewing potential caregivers who can provide the right care for your loved one.

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Formulate Practical Financial Plans to Meet Cost of Care

With years of management experience in Home Care, Nursing Home operations, and Assisted Living we can help you formulate practical financial plans to secure the very best care options unique to your senior care needs.

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Home Plan Care Options

If you prefer a Home Care setting, we can help formulate an appropriate home plan of care and find the right home care provider to provide consistent, high quality service.

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