Steve Raichilson


Since graduating from the George Washington University, earning a Master's Degree in Health Care Administration. Mr. Raichilson has served over forty years as the Chief Executive Officer of non-profit senior living organizations. Mr. Raichilson started his career in a non-profit charitable nursing home in Trenton, New Jersey, concentrating on improving the quality of client care, developing a non-profit Board of Directors, fundraising, and focusing on new program development.

Mr. Raichilson then served for thirty years as Chief Executive Officer of Menorah Park Center for Senior Living, one of the largest non-profit senior living communities in the nation. While at Menorah Park Mr. Raichilson developed cutting edge resident care programs in the largest nursing home in Ohio; developed and constructed two Assisted Living upscale Residences; started a four-office Home Health Care program; developed the largest Adult Day Center in Ohio; developed a Hospice program; built and operated an outpatient rehabilitation water-based aquatic center; established a medical transportation and ambulance service; and developed the first cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center for post hospital care in the mid-west.

His career has been marked by success with hiring and managing top level executive staff of all disciplines; developing non-profit Boards of Directors; designing unique fundraising programs; developing quality care programing for independent living, assisted living, and the nursing home setting; developing one of the largest post hospital rehabilitation centers in the greater Cleveland area; developing large capital projects and refurbishment programs; focusing on regulatory compliance and achieving consistent high quality state and federal inspection results; and operating diverse senior living programs generating financial surplus.

Mr. Raichilson has a passion that frail seniors should receive the very best care and services, in the most appropriate and most practical setting.  His career focus is now dedicated to helping families and their senior love ones select the most appropriate senior care setting, advising them how to best pay for services, and helping to ensure that his senior clients receive the very best care and service in the senior care setting selected.

What Executives Are Saying...

"Steve’s vision and efforts have been truly extraordinary. He has built a campus providing attractive and diverse health and wellness services to adults as they age. Additionally, he has conceived a number of innovative living opportunities and programs to address individual needs while making our loved ones feel at home."

"Steve's desire has always been to offer every individual the most meaningful daily life possible, along with excellent personalized care."

"Steve; your outstanding leadership has enabled us to exceed our dreams. You are an inspiration and we are appreciative of all you have done through the years in support of the needs of our community."

"To our friend Steve; You have been a leader in the fullest sense of the word, leading Menorah Park to places none of us could have imagined. Thank you, our community shall be forever grateful."

"Congratulations to Steve Raichilson, whose leadership and vision has laid our foundation for the next 110 years."

"Steve; Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful leadership. You and your team were there for my Mom when she required a unique blend of care following her stroke and paralysis. We will be forever grateful for the team of dedicated and loving staff that elevated her quality of life through the many challenges she faced at the time. You should be proud of what you have built."

What Organizations Are Saying...

"Steve, your innovative, creative and compassionate mind has made an enormous impact on Cleveland’s seniors and their families. There is no greater gift than to give families including our own, such peace in our hearts knowing that our loved ones are receiving such quality care. We will be forever grateful".

"Steve; thanks for 29 years of outstanding leadership and scores of Menorah Park accomplishments for all of us to brag about."

"Steve; congratulations on guiding a generation of Menorah Park's leaders, both lay and professional, through truly transformational changes at this organization we hold so close to our hearts. Your vision has been an inspiration to all of us"

"Steve; I have witnessed so many examples of your great leadership and ideas for making the Menorah Park campus a leader in Senior living. Thanks for the great education you have provided to me as a Board Member and Officer."

"Thank you Steve; for decades of amazing, creative solutions and entrepreneurial leadership."


"Steve; Thank you for leading Menorah Park with the rare combination of strategic vision, operational excellence, and compassion"