We offer a variety of operational and strategic consulting services including ...

Senior Living and Non-Profit Operations Consulting

Optimal client care outcomes in the Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Independent Living Setting or other non-profit business setting, and the eventual success of an organization depends on top notch, high quality integrated service delivery by various departments. This leads to a positive market image and financial success.

Elements of senior living and non-profit operations consulting can include:

  • Operational and quality assessment.
  • Quality Assurance Program development.
  • Physical environment assessment.
  • Customer service assessment and training.
  • Client care program enhancement.
  • Dining service improvement.
  • Social and recreational program enhancement.
  • Financial performance enhancement.
  • Census and market share development.
  • Annual Satisfaction Surveys and development of plans of action.
  • Preparing and responding to State, Federal and third party inspections.

New Service and Program Development Consulting

Project consulting helps to ensure that large, special and new projects are planned and managed effectively.

Elements of new service and program development consulting include:

  • Needs assessments for new program concepts.
  • Implementation planning.
  • Financial feasibility.
  • Construction project oversight with Architects, Engineers and General Contractors.
  • Refurbishment project coordination.
  • Internal culture improvement.
  • Branding and marketing assessment of organizational image.

Executive Coaching for All Industries

Executive coaching is designed to increase the effectiveness and overall proficiency of a new or current CEO leading an organization.

Elements of Executive Coaching can include:

  • Assessment of CEO strengths and areas which need development
  • Assessment of Board of Trustees or business ownership to develop skills for CEO supervision and management.
  • CEO operational and strategic improvement plan development.
  • Ongoing coaching and counseling to enable a CEO to obtain developmental goals.
  • ​Assessment and development of secondary management staff.

Chief Executive Officer Selection Assistance for All Industries

One of the most important roles of the Board of Directors or business ownership is to hire a capable, qualified and experienced Chief Executive Officer to lead and manage the operations. Trustees charged with this responsibility can benefit by professional coaching to achieve the best result.

Elements of CEO selection assistance can include:

  • Organizing the search process.
  • Screening and selection of a qualified search firm.
  • Developing a relevant CEO job description.
  • Screening and conducting applicant interviews.
  • Advising on the best candidate.
  • Reference checking, psychological testing of top choices.
  • Hiring negotiations.
  • Coaching for the first year of CEO's employment.

Operational Diligence and Investment Enhancement

Senior living properties can be positive purchase and investment opportunities.

Raichilson and Associates can:

  • Assess desired project for operational strengths and diligence.
  • Improve operational and fiscal performance once newly purchased to enhance value.

Board of Directors | Ownership Coaching and Development for All Industries

To become as effective and proficient in leadership responsibilities and duties as possible, Boards of Directors and company ownership often require guidance and education to the proper roles of governance and how to maximize the effectiveness of Trustees.

Elements of Board of Trustee and Ownership coaching can include:

  • Assessment of Board effectiveness
  • Board member survey of Board effectiveness
  • Developing the proper role for Board/Ownership verses operations and management.
  • Planning and conducting efficient Board Meetings.
  • Maximizing Board oversight.
  • Successful interaction between the Board, CEO and management team.
  • Long range planning and strategic vision setting.
  • Branding and image development.
  • Fundraising.

Interim CEO Placement

Due to a variety of factors, a supervised, temporary Chief Executive  Officer may be needed to manage and safeguard operations while a search is in  progress for a new, permanent CEO. Raichilson and Associates places a temporary CEO in  the organization to lead, manage and supervise operations during a CEO search.  Temporary CEO's will be personally supervised by Steven Raichilson, who has over forty  years experience as a successful Chief Executive Officer.

Legal Action Case Assessment and Expert Witness Service

Elements of legal case assessment and expert witness services can include:

  • Defense Represenation
  • Plaintiff Representation